THE SOUTHERN BLADE by Nelson & Shirley Welford


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Presumably there is a central there here:- does imprisonment, whatever the cause, change the alarm her and personality of the prisoner, so that a released prisoner is a to This is the theory that motivates Capt. Ekridge, temporarily in charge of ? New Mexico Territory, towards the closing months of the Civil War. So when ? escape and head for Texas, he sacrifices everything to recapture the ? almost a cruel-officer, in the gruelling pursuit. An added which finds to soften his heart- is that a girl connected with a wagon train sent ? is taken prisoner by the escaping Rebels and used for delaying tactics. Rebels, is as ruthless in handing his men-as determined that ? interfere with getting back to confederate lines -- and is the escapes who personal vechlic. The story switches back and forth from creating some sense of confusion. But in the end, at a takes the surviving prisoners (only to lose one, and philosophinelly ? And the girl? A hazard and a ""roundblock"" to each group-she ends by ? toward the ? explain, and he toward her. Rather second rate-this-though the an unusual one.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1961
Publisher: Morrow