ST. CLARE OF ASSISI by Nesta DeRobeck


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A contempory of St. Francis and a notable disciple, St. Clare, Founder of the Order of the Holy Sisters of the Poor, shines through Catholic history not only in the reflected glory of Francis but by virtue of her own life of self-abnegation and service. This book gives a vivid picture of Assisi of her day and the events leading up to her forsaking the world for the poor and the great influence she exerted thereafter. It is remarkable how closely the lives of these two great spiritual leaders of Assisi parallel each other. Both were of the nobility and turned their backs upon wealth and comfort to undergo the extreme humiliation of abject poverty. Both found that this experience led them to a clear vision of spiritual realities. Much above the average in baglography, although the interest will be chiefly for Catholic readers. Appendix contains evidence used in support of her canonization.

Pub Date: July 15th, 1951
Publisher: Bruce