FRONTIER STEEL by Nevada Carter


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A soporific western--which begins when Big Dallas Wayne arrives in 1880 Virginia City and soon becomes the most prosperous man in the territory. Where'd he get his money for this kind of investing? Rumor has it that Wayne was a murderous Civil War profiteer--which upsets Wayne's neighbor Burlette Francine Smith, a rancher-virgin-in-leather. And when Wayne leases some land to a timberman who makes off with some of Burlette's timber as well, she demands a whopping $10,000 and also fails to water some of Wayne's horses (they've strayed on to her grass); then her ranch foreman is struck down by Wayne's men; so she stampedes his herds, just before a trail drive. . . while the injured foreman decides to bushwhack Wayne and shoots his horse out from beneath him. (Wayne overcomes him.) So goes the feuding--with one of Wayne's men soon shot dead, followed by the formation of a pro-Wayne vigilante posse. And finally there's a climax as mild as a buggy description in a Montgomery Ward catalogue, along with the hohum revelation of there being another Dallas Wayne who was that evil profiteer. All in all: Sominex in the saddle.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1982
Publisher: Walker