TEILHARD de CHARDIN: Pilgrim of the Future by Neville- Ed. Braybrooke

TEILHARD de CHARDIN: Pilgrim of the Future

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This volume brings together two essays by Teilhard himself, and nine chapters written by those who knew and worked with him, or who have studied him in relation to their own fields of specialization. Some of these originally appeared in a volume entitled The wind and The Rain, which is now out of print. Among the contributions, those connecting Teilhard's though on Saint Augustine, on Jung, and with Extrasensory Perception, may be cited to show the range and variety of interests corresponding to the man's writings as philosopher and mystic as well as scientist. A concluding section reprints the script of a BBC radio broadcast on ""The Vision of Teilhard de Chardin,"" written by the editor. The resulting book does not offer a great deal of new or significant material, but is very helpful to show the scope of interest, rapidly increasing, in Teilhard's thought-- among Roman Catholics as well as Protestants and even those of no avowed religious faith.

Publisher: Seabury