NEW WORLD WRITING by New American Library- The Editors


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The first in what may become a series if this proves successful. An anthology worth thoughtful reading, inspired by Lehmann and the editors of the now non-existant Penguin New Wartime and undertaken by the New American Library in hopes of increasing the media through which serious writers can reach a wider audience- this includes poetry, essays, short stories and such writers as Isherwood, Alain Locke, Shelby Foote, John Malcolm Brinnin, Locke's The in American Literature is an illuminating historical account; from Tennessee Williams comes a one act drama, I Rise in Flame Cried the Phoenix, on the death of D.H. Lawrence; Isherwood's contribution is a tensely melodramatic first chapter of a new novel, The World in the Evening; Erlinda and Mr. Coffin is an O. Henry-esque short story by Gore Vidal; Villa d'Este, a poem in tercets, a tersely imaginative association of political pasts and presents, by Lloyd Frankenberg. A rich little volume from a well known reprint house which it is hoped will get sent on its way as a ""little magazine"" thus providing room for more. Paper.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1952
Publisher: New American Library