HIROSHIMA PLUS 20 by New York Times


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This is a sound, obligatory collection of essays on the bomb, individually fascinating, collectively clarifying. Senator Anderson, for example, reviews the actual uses of atomic energy today, the greatest discovery since fire. Comprehensiveness demands that the debate as to whether we should have used the bomb be discussed in depth, and Auden handles this end of it-- giving an affirmative answer. Dr. Teller on the other hand takes a negative position. The ABC of the Bomb succeeds in explaining the atom and its fission to the layman. Dr. Bronowski uses physics and non-mathematical examples so well that the material is within the reach of the non-scientist. There are more peripheral essays on the survivors of the bombing in Hiroshima, on the frenetic Japanese consumer today and his attitude to America and the cold war, and even a little about juvenile delinquency in contemporary Japan. All of it is accessible and relevant.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1965
Publisher: Delacorte