SATURN'S CHILD by Nichelle with Margaret Wander Bonanno Nichols


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Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura, recipient of television's first interracial kiss and author of the memoir Beyond Uhura (1994), teams up with Bonanno (Otherwise, 1993, etc.) for this medium-future alien-contact yarn. In the latter half of the 21st century, Saturn's moon Titan has been colonized by colorful, methane-breathing, telepathic Fazisians--as the exploring Earth ship Dragon's Egg, commanded by Dr. Nyota Domonique, soon discovers. Relations between Nyota, the wise old Fazisian scientist Krecis, and Tetrok, son of the Fazisian ruler, are at once cordial and soon become downright friendly. Krecis reveals that, while studying Titan's native algae, he has discovered miracle drugs that promote healing and extend life--drugs that work on both species. Nyota and Tetrok are strongly attracted to each other--Nyota being one of the few Earthians with pronounced esper abilities--and, in utter top secret, Krecis arranges to produce their hybrid child in his laboratory. Eventually, both Nyota and Tetrok are summoned home, but their daughter, Saturna, develops swiftly and shows astonishing mental powers. Before the close, she will visit Fazis, where Tetrok's rival, Valton, will attempt to expose Saturna and thus destroy Tetrok's career. Pleasant, despite some annoying bits of Trekkish twaddle (hard sf this isn't), but too cute, fluffy, and inoffensive to satisfy many readers outside Trekker circles.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1995
Page count: 352pp
Publisher: Ace/Putnam