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SATURDAY NIGHT, SUNDAY MORNING: Singles and the Church by Nicholas B. Christoff



Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1977
Publisher: Harper

A single-minded book--half says just two things: single people are important and the churches ignore them. The argument is repetitious and at times irritating; much is made of the fact that one third of the population are singles, but not enough of the fact that this means putting unmarried, widowed, and divorced of all ages in the same bag. The writing is lively and makes its point despite the hyperbole; the case histories sound like real life. Then, halfway through, there's a change of direction; Christoff, a young Lutheran minister, tells his own story of setting up a ministry to singles from the base of a Chicago condominium apartment. He lists the seven cardinal virtues of singles (motivation, purposefulness, etc.) and their seven corresponding sins--all down-to-earth observation and experience. A program for churches follows with a list of 21 actions or attitudes they can adopt to include this section of the human race within their scope. For those still locked in the suburban captivity, the book can be a useful jolt.