LEAVE CANCELLED by Nicholas Honsarrat
Kirkus Star


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Beautifully handled, with restraint and a sensitive appreciation of a balance between realism and poetry -- this is a successful and convincing picture of two people, highly civilized, deeply in love, who find that the three weeks' honeymoon they had counted on has been cut, without warning to less than 24 hours. And into that period they must distill the essence of those weeks they'd hoped would give them foundations for the long separation, the yawning abyss of the unknown ahead. The scene is London:- a luxury suite in a luxury hotel -- a restaurant -- a theatre -- a bar -- and the all-too-short night together. They discover each other, more fully in marriage than before; they appreciate the importance of savoring each moment to full and varied response, they talk and laugh and experience all variants of emotion. They are deeply personal -- and extraordinarily impersonal. There are flashes of humor, a growing sense of the fineness and bigness of both, though she is only 19 and he some years older... A book that has the possibilities -- given word of mouth publicity -- of going far beyond his two non-fiction books dealing with life on a British corvette...One of these books for a plus sale.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf