WAR AND REVOLUTION by Nicholas S. Timasheff
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This remarkable book is a study of the social and political processes leading from peace to war, from order to revolution, from war to peace, and from revolution to order. The chapters may be grouped into three sections: the first section is introductory and deals with the historical recrudescence of war and revolution, the perception of casuality in social phenomena, the relation of political systems and progress, and the concepts of conflict and violence. Having established his status quaestionis, the author, in the second and major section of the book, investigates, by means of the examination of case histories drawn from all centuries, the symptoms, causes, and effects of the constant human progression from peace to war and war to peace, from Order to revolution and revolution to order. The final chapters forecast, in the light of principles drawn from the second section, theprospect for peace in the foreseeable future. Professor Timasheff, an American sociologist, teacher, journalist, and lecturer, displays an extraordinary competence in his field and a remarkable aptitude not only for exhaustive research but also for effective historical and sociological analysis and synthesis. This is a work of the first importance, but solely for the social scientist and for the historian, but for the general reader who is interested in being able to determine, by an effective analysis of the recurrence-patterns of social phenomena, the probabilities of human survival.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1965
Publisher: Sheed & Ward