SMERSH by Nicola Sinevirsky


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Another inside, inside-Russia expose of the Soviet stranglehold and the methods of suppression and terrorization, this tells of Sinevirsky's experience with SMERSH, the counter-intelligence of the Fourth Ukrainian Front. Given the mission to gain entrance into the NKVD and destroy incriminating evidence against his own people- Carpathian Russians, he joined the Red Army and then was assigned to this particular branch where he found a system of agents, informers, spies based on the Soviet Union's mistrust of everything but itself. With VE day, they moved in on Prague, and shortly thereafter in Paradubitze he found his own dossier as an anti-communist, was able to destroy it and remain above suspicion. And in the later months, he was able to talk himself out of this branch, return home where he obtained a new false passport and access to freedom and a fresh start... Interesting chiefly as a further documentary of the Soviet spiderweb as it ramified from country to country and as an example of its working methods based on the exploitation of the human fear of death- the treatment here, which is an excited one, could bear with a few controls.

Pub Date: Oct. 2nd, 1950
Publisher: Henry Holt