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THE HUNTER'S DAUGHTER by Nicola Solvinic


by Nicola Solvinic

Pub Date: May 14th, 2024
ISBN: 9780593639726
Publisher: Berkley

Or The Killer’s Daughter, since the heroine’s father was executed years ago for strangling 27 women.

That’s a formidable legacy to deal with, and Det. Lt. Anna Koray, of the Midwestern Bayern County Sheriff’s Office, has always struggled to keep her head above water. After her father, Stephen Theron, was identified as the Forest Strangler and arrested and her mother, Sheila Fredericks Theron, put her up for adoption and went into the Witness Protection Program, Elena Theron took the name of her loving foster parents and continued what turned into years of therapy with psychiatrist Barbara Richardson. The demons she’s kept at bay come roaring back when, called to a scene of domestic abuse, she kills the husband who’s already shot his wife to death and tries to do the same to Anna. The attendant trauma leads to uneasy reunions with Nick Kohler, an ER doctor who’d wanted more than she could give, and with Dr. Richardson, who succeeds in unlocking the vault of Anna’s repressed memories. All this is a prelude to the main event: the discovery of another series of female corpses arranged as ceremoniously as Stephen Theron’s victims. Are these murders the work of a copycat killer, or of Veles, the Forest God? Since the rare DNA variant Theron carried has turned up on the new crime scenes, is it possible that he wasn’t executed after all but escaped? Or could Anna, who’s surely carrying that variant herself, be unwittingly channeling the spirit of her father or of Veles?

First-timer Solvinic provides more questions than answers in a messy, compelling tale.