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MARVELOUS MASKS by Nicole  Billick


by Nicole Billick ; illustrated by Nicole Billick

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 2020
ISBN: 978-1-73569-150-3
Publisher: Self

Animal pals participate in activities and jobs that require masks in this picture book.

Billick’s story follows a pig, an elephant, and a mouse wearing masks in various situations. The author explains that in addition to being worn for fun, costume purposes, or practical reasons (to help people sleep), masks are used in all sorts of professions. The author discusses types of masks that are worn for particular jobs and why they are necessary. For example, “Chemists wear masks to protect their eyes, just in case their experiments go awry.” Other mask wearers mentioned here include baseball catchers, scuba divers, doctors, superheroes, and more. Finally, the book touches on the importance of donning masks (although not explicitly mentioned in the story, they help reduce the spread of Covid-19). The tale implores readers to wear their own masks, clearly explaining how they “help keep everyone healthy. It is something simple that we can do, to help protect me and help protect you.” In this engaging and inventive story, the significance of mask wearing is portrayed in a way that will be relatable to young readers. Billick’s illustrations are hand-drawn and have a simple quality. They mostly show the friendly-looking animals in a wide range of mask-wearing scenarios. For example, when the tale notes, “Some masks cover your entire head,” the elephant is depicted wearing an astronaut suit and helmet in space.

A creative and enjoyable interpretation of a timely issue.