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KEEPER OF THE KING by Nigel Bennett


by Nigel Bennett & P.N. Elrod

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1997
ISBN: 0-671-87759-3
Publisher: Baen

 A vampire Lancelot battles to save Canada's prime minister from a vampire assassin: The publisher's Starline imprint features novels by actors (Bennett appears in the series Forever Knight) and collaborators. Back in post-Roman Britain, warrior Richard d'Orleans is smitten, then bitten by the beautiful Sabra, vampire priestess of the Goddess, and becomes the Lancelot of legend. Now, as Toronto security consultant Richard Dun, he's called in by the police to thwart the planned assassination of the prime minister by an IRA-paid hit man. He keeps running into striking but suspicious Irishwoman Sharon Geary--is she IRA?--and gradually learns that the hit man, code-named Charon, is Professor Neal Rivers--another vampire! Further complications ensue when Sabra admits that she's turning into a monster and can be saved only by the healing powers of the Holy Grail, hidden at Glastonbury hundreds of years ago by Sabra herself. Moves at a fair pace, with lots of action and gore and an agreeable distaff lead; pity about the dim-witted hero, who invariably does something stupid at the crucial moment.