TRAVEL IN EUROPE by Nigel Buxton


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Nigel Buxton, who has a column in The Sunday Telegraph, writes here for ""the more independent, go-it-alone sort of reader"" who wishes to learn by ""inference and deduction."" He follows the lead of Stephen Spender in his approach to travel writing as ""a literature not of facts, but of impressions. ..(which) may be facts of the highest order."" His level is not equal to the impression given by the quote, however; it is a merely pleasant dilation on the physical and psychical attributes of Great Britain and the Continent (coasts, mountains, lakes, islands). Then there is information about specific countries (touristic sites, festivals, museums and galleries, shopping, internal travel, accommodations) West and East and practical information of a general nature (getting there, getting around, rights, agents, clothes, tipping, books, documents, wine, camping, and students, etc.). A hotel and restaurant supplement addends.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1967
Publisher: Follett