GROWIN' by Nikki Grimes


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The black ghetto setting and conspicuously non-sexist relationship gives some utilitarian points, where such are counted, to this undemanding story of the friendship between Pump, who moves to a new neighborhood when her father is killed in an accident, and Jim Jim, the tough kid she stand up to on arrival. There's a period of ""testing"" (so described) and then real trust, when Pump shares her poetry with him and Jim Jim, whose toughness is merely a good defense, reveals his devotion to drawing. And there is adventure a-plenty--in an abandoned building, a river with a tricky current, and a burning school from which the neighborhood shady lady rescues them. . . to the chastened gratitude of previously head-wagging parents. This last leads to a sentimental full-cast finale; till then Grimes keeps it light and easy, but Growin' would have to do a lot of stretching before any real feelings were tapped.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1977
Publisher: Dial