A NAKED GIRL by Nikos Athanassiadis


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Given a luminous Greek seacoast where miracles might happen, any overhand crawl will take a susceptible writer to just such a tale as this one--a marine Green Mansions. The naked girl is monumentally female Angela, with or without shift. The narrator is Dimitri, who has just been put down by Elise, a lovely ""civilized"" girl. After several stretches of watching Angela, strident bosom and all, plunging in the sea, along with the appearance of a giant dolphin, Dimitri is outward bound. He swims far out to sea with Angela and a night of love is consummated as Angela flips in the shallows. But there are rivals: Elise is still in evidence in the town, and Angela is enamored of the giant dolphin. Leda might have had problems, but Angela carries on in a much more spectacular fashion. Dimitri, as jealous as a disappointed scrod, kills the dolphin; Angela disappears; and in later years, Dimitri, now married to Elise, sees a dolphin marked with Angela's distinguishing scar--glaring from sea-to-ship with fishy-eyed hatred. . . . Marvelous splashy scenery may prompt the euphoria necessary to read this Greek import.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Grossman-Orion