THE CHILDREN by Nina Falorova


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An , this, after the refreshing originality of The Family. The book is definitely a sequal -- in fact, I think it would be hard to follow if one had not read the book, for the threads are picked up where dropped earlier. Lida and her mother are alone in Tientain, where Lida is studying music, and waiting for word her in America. Dims is briefly glimpsed in England; Peter in Russia. The in share the focus with Lida. But the sense of a link stronger than incident which bound the family together -- up to the death of the grandmother, the freshness of the picture of the White Russian exited to wartorn China, the humor which made life possible -- all this is missing in the new book. There is instead an earnest effort as to found out unfinished bits of story; to supply fragments of the Chinese picture, to show other nationals, also exiled or self-exiled -- and to complete romance with contain in San Francisco. Without the impetus of the first book, this would have small chance. With it -- the sale will probably be substantial.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1942
Publisher: Little, Brown