THE EXECUTIVE'S WIFE by Ninki Hart Burger


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Mrs. Burger is the wife of one Charles Burger, author of Survival in the Executive Jungle (19) and here's a Tonto-logy for spear-carrying in hostile and home territory. Most of her advice is amiable and high-minded enough. Make sure you supply the P & Q (Peace and Quiet) the Man needs, not disregarding your own needs, but viewing your part with understanding and love not with alarm. Handling company parties, conventions, other-wife contacts, with fact and charm; accepting inconveniences of relocation; and dealing with the dark day when the Husband and Company part are treated on a cool-it, common-sense basis. When Mrs. Burger strikes off into larger matters, however, such as strictures on how to ""fling open the doors of your mind"" (""When did you last listen to a great symphony?. . . Are you breaking down the book barrier?"") one wonders what dreary stretches lurk amongst the distaff side of good old American business. Plenty, apparently, and one wishes Mrs. Burger had diagnosed the root cause rather than offered a breezy patch-up cure. Also one wonders at the blithe acceptance of the fact that an American family in India would work within a ""class"" framework, and that most servants would ""steal you blind."" Why not, since the family seems aggressively insular? Be strong, be brave, on the darkling plain of American business.

Pub Date: Sept. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Macmillan