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by Nita Brooks

Pub Date: July 30th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-4967-2192-1
Publisher: Dafina/Kensington

A recently engaged interior designer must reassess her life when the father of her child reenters her life with shocking news about their past.

Yvonne Cable has “claw[ed] her way through Atlanta’s cutthroat interior design community” and just landed a new contract with a local celebrity and a cherished article in a lifestyle magazine, and she's also become engaged to Nathan Lange, a home improvement TV star who wants to launch a show with her. Yvonne is ecstatic, and if she feels a little pushed around by Nathan’s publicist and slightly annoyed by the fact that everyone seems more excited about the engagement than her other accolades, she'll get over it. She's reached some major goals and landed the perfect man, so life is good. Enter Richard Barrington, owner of the Weekend Warrior network, who wants to pick up Yvonne and Nathan’s show—and is also the father of Yvonne's 6-year-old son, Jacob. Yvonne thinks he abandoned her, and Richard thinks she's been hiding Jacob from him. Realizing they’ve both been betrayed by Richard’s father and ex-wife, they work to get Richard back in Jacob’s life, which creates tension with Nathan, especially after it's clear that Richard is still in love with Yvonne. Brooks’ smoothly written debut is full of characters at the tops of their professions who face a variety of dramas exacerbated by high-stakes business cultures and deep-seated family tensions. Almost all the major conflicts are external, however, and the final resolutions come from paths being cleared rather than obstacles overcome.

An interesting, engaging debut that doesn’t ask enough of its characters.