DUEL IN THE SUN by Niven Busch


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Texas of the 1880's, with the emphasis on the The Code of the plains, and the controversial aspect the coming of the railroad presented to the old line ranchers, as background for the tempestuous romance of Pearl Chavez, poor relation of the wealthy powerful McCanles family. She is promised marriage by one of the sons, Lewt, but his mother promoted his jilting of Pearl. On the eve of her wedding to Sam, worthy cowboy, Lewt kills Sam, becomes an outlaw, with holdups and further murders to his credit. Lewt demands that Pearl front for him in a train robbery and both are caught, but the McCanles help Lewt escape. Jesse, another son, divorced from ranch affairs because of his championship of the railroad, defends Pearl, gets her off and plans to marry her. But Lewt sends for her again -- and she follows him -- to kill him. Jesse follows her and condones her crime and they head for the Cherokee lands to get their ""strip"" for a future home.....Turbulent days and legendary deeds for a superior Western.

Publisher: Morrow