THE GOLDEN LYRE by Noel B. Gerson


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When the rental library gets all through with The Golden Lyre, there's a possibility that Mr. Gerson's histrionic history will be snatched up by the big, bold epic screen. All the ingredients await the transformation. There's Alexander of Macedon, Ptolemy I of Egypt, four hundred charging elephants, and a mobile whore. The railer will most likely run something like this: Alexander. Alexander the Conqueror. Larger than life itself. He tamed a lusty, barbaric world. He fought and won all his battles but could do nothing to tame the insatiable demon within... This is Thais. Thais the beautiful. Thais, the sex-pot of the Khyber Pass. She followed Alex to the ends of the earth only to find that his mother's love had been quite enough, thank you... And this? This is Ptolemy. Ptolemy who had taken Thais as a child, brutally and unmercifully. Must he pay now? Or can he be forgiven?.. Aristotle, magnificently portrayed by Sam Jaffe. He was their teacher. And he taught them everything but the most important of lessons...The Golden Lyre could have used an editorial tinsel-ectomy!

Publisher: Doubleday