LD HICKORY by Noel B. Gerson


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On page two, the reader is informed that Andrew Jackson ""balanced two conflictting principles, and his concept of decency had won"". Since the hero is then only 14, the reader can be pardoned for wondering what horizons of character and invention Jackson had left to explore. Fortunately for the author, few fictional heroes match the actual Jackson for passionate impudence. Gerson highlights his hairtrigger impulse to duel, his headlong but honorable courtship of Mrs. Rachel Robards while she was still married, his actions as a youthful attorney general for the western territory, the loss of his fortune and its recovery through hard work, his saving the frontier from the Indians, the victory at New Orleans, the death of his wife on the eve of inauguration, and then his years of tenure (among the most exciting), and retirement.... With as sturdy a subject as this, Gerson seems more successful than usual.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday