THE SMUGGLERS by Noel Gerson


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What's this plopping off the Gerson assembly line? It's Charlie Holloway, ace Customs' Service inspector, nose to the trail of art smugglers and the set of jade panels--priceless, of course, but for you, 30 million--that they somehow managed to swipe from the Museum of Popular Culture in Peking. Charlie's a 43-year-old with an age hang-up (he creaks and moans as if he were 80), but he moves snappily enough, retrieving panel after panel like a veteran springer spaniel. ""Sometimes,"" he says, ""the world's law enforcement agencies aren't as bumbling and stupid as our enemies would like to believe."" Right, but hooray for those enemies just the same, especially sleek-luscious smuggler kingpin Lisa Brockman and her snide hubby Harvey, who prefers pretty boys in negligees. They're far livelier company than Holloway's gummy gal-everything, Sue Whitman. ""We're up against a determined gang,"" says Charlie. ""We can't let these hoodlums get away with this,"" chimes Sue. Suppose not, but one can't help--between snoozes--wishing.

Pub Date: Oct. 28th, 1977
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell