SQUADHONS UP: A First Hand Story of the R.A.F. by Noel Monks
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SQUADHONS UP: A First Hand Story of the R.A.F.

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This is the first personal experience story that stresses the personalities, the human experiences, the intimate day by day life rather than the philosophical or interpretative, analytical approach of most of the books about todays war. Monks is war correspondent of the London Daily Mail. He was Quartered with the 73rd and 1st A.A.S.F. in France. He pictures the contrast with the air service in the last war, the grim business of three and four flights a day, the little incidents, the background, the brave heroics of men who loom more than life size -- and who can't be beaten. His emphasis is on the people of the R.A.F., with the Battle of France as the first proving ground. Grand reading.

Publisher: Whittlesey