MOVIE SHOES by Noel Streatfeild


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A story full of personalities, some sympathetic and one or two decidedly irritating. All the Winters are rugged individuals -- and artistic. Father is a writer, Rachel a ballet dancer, Tim studying to be a concert pianist and Jane, the plain one in between, has a sharp ten year old tongue, a love for dogs and a fine, well-grown inferiority complex. They all leave London to spend the winter in Hollywood with an American aunt (who turns out to be whiny, nasal and not very nice) and things begin to happen. All three children find ways to further their interests and Jane, by accident, achieves the most spectacular success of all, for she lands the part of Mary in ""The Secret Garden"", in the movies. Like Mary in the story, Jane turns into a much nicer person after conquering her new found sense of importance. An interesting and well written story that is very British has the misfortune to present most of the American characters in a rather unfortunate light. Readers may overlook this in their interest in the story, but it is not however the best that the author of Ballet Shoes, etc., can do. This straddles the upper ages here and the earlier ages in the next group.

Pub Date: April 8th, 1949
Publisher: Random House