FEVERLAND by Alex Lemon
Released: Sept. 12, 2017

"Although sometimes maddening to read, Lemon's collision of ideas and images adds up to a celebration of a life unbowed by suffering."
Fevered prose and wild digressions mark a poet's candid memoir of pain and illness. Read full book review >
AMERICAN TRAITOR by Steve Stalinsky
Released: Sept. 11, 2017

"An up-close look at one man's bizarre journey to international notoriety."
Debut author Stalinsky offers a profile of an American who became an al-Qaida operative. Read full book review >

Released: Sept. 7, 2017

"A lucid, albeit repetitive, addition to the growing collection of first-step manuals for postponing human extinction."
A frank instruction on how to achieve global sustainability through reform. Read full book review >
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"The repetition may be maddening, drilled into readers like a kata, but Larkin provides some useful nuggets for these fraught times. And remember: violence is always the last resort—even if you're a ninja."
"That one time when violence is the answer, make no mistake, it will be the only answer"—a timely survival manual for life in a strange era. Read full book review >
WHAT IS HIP-HOP? by Eric Morse
Released: Sept. 5, 2017

"A must-read reference for any hip-hop family. (Informational picture book. 5-adult)"
In this follow-up to What is Punk? (2015), the author-and-illustrator team takes on hip-hop, in consultation with hip-hop historian, cultural critic, and Brooklynite George. Read full book review >

Released: Aug. 29, 2017

"A collection that's spirited and endearing in its best moments, but other pieces are unsatisfyingly aimless."
These short, memoiristic essays from debut author Sexton touch on her life in Los Angeles as a young actress and musician. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 15, 2017

"A thorough, if sometimes thoroughly cynical, account of the perils of forming relationships with those who thrive on drama."
A relationship manual intended to help the unwary avoid the land mines that litter the dating landscape. Read full book review >
WHY POETRY by Matthew Zapruder
Released: Aug. 15, 2017

"To the poetry skeptics, what have you got to lose?"
Helping readers overcome their ambivalence about poetry. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 7, 2017

"A candid and useful, if sometimes familiar, guide to the challenges of parenting in an era of distraction."
A debut parenting book shares ideas for creating happy, fulfilled families. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2017

"Authoritative and nonjudgmental; filled with useful tips and information targeted to seniors that should reinforce or rekindle their enthusiasm for safe, attentive driving."
A driving educator and instructor offers refresher tips for seniors in this debut manual. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 1, 2017

"Clear, concise, and well-written; a finely crafted manual offering instructive and valuable assistance to those who want to leave a lasting legacy."
A thoughtfully constructed guide to leaving a legacy. Read full book review >
Released: July 25, 2017

"An engrossing, vivid inquiry into a man and his magisterial creation."
The story behind one of the world's most unique buildings. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Katey Sagal
author of GRACE NOTES
April 10, 2017

In her memoir Grace Notes, actress and singer/songwriter Katey Sagal takes you through the highs and lows of her life, from the tragic deaths of her parents to her long years in the Los Angeles rock scene, from being diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-eight to getting her big break on the fledgling FOX network as the wise-cracking Peggy Bundy on the beloved sitcom Married…with Children. Sparse and poetic, Grace Notes is an emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal’s path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age 52 with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music. “While this book is sure to please the author’s many fans, its thoughtful, no-regrets honesty will no doubt also appeal to readers of Hollywood memoirs seeking substance that goes beyond gossip and name-dropping,” our critic writes. “A candid, reflective memoir.” View video >