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NOT A POSTER CHILD by Francine  Falk-Allen
Released: Aug. 7, 2018

"Bold, charming, and inspirational."
A Californian polio survivor shares memories of her challenging but fulfilling life in this debut memoir. Read full book review >
A HIGHER PURPOSE by Richard D.  Cheshire
Released: Aug. 1, 2018

"Chicken soup for the patriot soul."
A scholar proposes refocusing the Preamble to the Constitution to restore Americans' shared purpose, reduce political polarization, and reverse the erosion of U.S. leadership. Read full book review >

Released: Aug. 1, 2018

"Extremely pertinent and engrossing; essential reading for city planners."
An urban designer presents a compact case and provides practical advice for the revitalization of American cities. Read full book review >
Released: July 26, 2018

"A valuable tool for the aspiring real estate tycoon."
A concise but comprehensive introduction to finding private capital for real estate investment. Read full book review >
Released: July 25, 2018

"A frank and richly detailed manual that advises readers to have the courage to inject more compassion and positivity into daily conversations."
A debut business-coaching guide focuses on kind, affirmative messages that too often go unspoken. Read full book review >

Released: July 20, 2018

"An absorbing and useful but bare-bones account of how a musician's vision helped save nearly 1,000 lives."
This nonfiction account, first in the middle-grade Groundbreaker series, explains how a Polish Jewish violinist helped saved the lives of Jewish musicians and their families from Nazis. Read full book review >
HOOSIER HYSTERIA by Meri Henriques  Vahl
Released: July 18, 2018

"This well-paced narrative absorbingly depicts a handful of lives in Indiana in a pivotal year."
A New Yorker faces challenges at a Midwestern college as the turmoil of the 1960s erupts in this debut memoir. Read full book review >
Released: July 15, 2018

"A thought-provoking, if frequently digressive, philosophical travel guide for reluctant travelers."
A step-by-step travel-advice handbook for inveterate stay-at-home readers. Read full book review >
PATHETICA by Dale R. Schuss
Released: July 14, 2018

"A self-indulgent read that contains excellent '80s nostalgia but fails to be compelling."
This debut memoir chronicles the author's Canadian adolescence and awkward teenage friendships. Read full book review >
WHAT WE CARRY by Gail  Larkin
Released: July 13, 2018

"An emotional and touching but disjointed account of a paramedic's hard-earned and valuable life lessons."
A paramedic's memorable experiences working the streets of New York City provide the backdrop for a collection of tales. Read full book review >
BOUND BY HURT by Fabiola  Manyi-Orellana
Released: July 12, 2018

"A heartfelt but sparse portrait of a difficult life."
A debut Romanian author presents a memoir of trauma, immigration, and spiritual awakening. Read full book review >
Released: July 12, 2018

"A well-executed, if somewhat derivative, motivational guide."
A motivational manual explains how readers can take back control of their lives 15 minutes at a time. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Katey Sagal
author of GRACE NOTES
April 10, 2017

In her memoir Grace Notes, actress and singer/songwriter Katey Sagal takes you through the highs and lows of her life, from the tragic deaths of her parents to her long years in the Los Angeles rock scene, from being diagnosed with cancer at the age of twenty-eight to getting her big break on the fledgling FOX network as the wise-cracking Peggy Bundy on the beloved sitcom Married…with Children. Sparse and poetic, Grace Notes is an emotionally riveting tale of struggle and success, both professional and personal: Sagal’s path to sobriety; the stillbirth of her first daughter, Ruby; motherhood; the experience of having her third daughter at age 52 with the help of a surrogate; and her lifelong passion for music. “While this book is sure to please the author’s many fans, its thoughtful, no-regrets honesty will no doubt also appeal to readers of Hollywood memoirs seeking substance that goes beyond gossip and name-dropping,” our critic writes. “A candid, reflective memoir.” View video >