KING SOLOMON'S NAVY by Nora Benjamin Kuble
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A book full of the color and adventure behind the exploits of a striking Biblical character is an exciting expansion of an adventure that could have happened as it did to young Jared who sailed with Solomon's ships to get gold from the lands below Ophir. Enslaved when he runs away from home, Jared is promised freedom when he gains the favor of Solomon at a session of the Court of Justice. Joining the navy then, Jared is assigned to crafty admiral Merbal's ship and soon makes friends with Eben the shipmaster. Then they learn of Merbal's evil intent to get the gold for himself instead of entering into honest alliance with the Queen of Sheba. And therein follows a network of treachery and mutiny, in Ophir and among the Nubians, before Jared and Eben have vanquished Merbal to return with honor to their king. A rich tapestry here of character study and the full social background of the times.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1954
Publisher: Harper