WOMAN ASTRIDE by Nora Purtacher-Wydenbruck


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There may be slim foundation for the facts in this fictionized biography of Judith von Lee, but that matters not a whit when the author succeeds in making it such rattling good reading. Judith von Lee, it seems, was a warrior maiden, a German of high degree who escaped the trammels of a closely guarded home and fled, disguised as a youth, with the Swedish officer who had won her heart. The period was that of the Thirty Years Wars, and we follow Judith in her dramatic career, heaping up military honors, captive in a Turkish harem, duelist, dancer, politician, partisan of lost causes, an adventurer, hiding under her military garb a passionate devotion, first to her Swedish hero -- later to the English youth who never guessed her secret, nor knew that the lovely mistress who visited him at night was the comrade at arms by day. A good yarn -- and stands a chance of catching the imagination of the public.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1934
Publisher: Appleton-Century