JASSY by Norah Lofts


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Once again, an experienced period romance as the story of Jassy who lived and loved too much, and was hanged for it in the 19th century, is related by four who knew her. Half gypsy, with an ugly-beautiful fascination, an ungovernable temper, and the gift of second sight, Jassy is first recorded by Barney Heaton, the boy next door; next by a Mrs. Twysdale whose young ladies' school was to be disrupted by Jassy; next by Dilys Helmar, her friend at that school, who took Jassy home with her to the ruined estate -- Mortiboys -- and to her amorous, wine-sodden father, Nick. Dilys and Barney, whom Jassy secretly loved, fall in love, and Jassy marries old Nick to secure a hold on Mortiboys at Nick's death, so that she can be instrumental in passing it on to Barney who coveted it. Finally, with Nick's mysterious death, Jassy's protested innocence could not save her from the rope. Intricately contrived imbroglio, elemental passions for a story that keeps one reading. In the Lady Eleanor Smith tradition.

Pub Date: June 11th, 1945
Publisher: Knopf