THE FOURTH KING by Norbert Coulehan


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When the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar gets the idea of forming the Pax Romana, he sends the handsome young sea-Tribune Titus Terentius to collect three Kings for an important conference---one king each from Norway, Asia, and Africa. Someone in the royal family has plans of his own, and Titus gets caught up in intrigue and murder. Added to this are his difficulties with his small-minded wife and with a most attractive young female slave who stows away on his boat. He successfully completes his mission, however, and than delivers the three Kings to Judea, where they promptly decide to go off to visit a fourth King, the ""King of Kings,"" who has just been born somewhere near Jerusalem... The author doesn't bother to explain the hows or whys of his story, apparently thinking that he can retrieve a muddy and badly constructed plot by tying it in with a very grand and important event elsewhere, even though there is no connection. At least the baffled reader of this book can see no connection. The writing is deliberately flat and prosy. Everyone talks as if he were at a Civic Improvement Committee meeting, and one will search these pages in vain for an original idea or a spark of life.

Pub Date: April 13th, 1960
Publisher: Lippincott