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DO YOU LIKE MY BIKE? by Norm Feuti


From the Hello, Hedgehog series, volume 1

by Norm Feuti ; illustrated by Norm Feuti

Pub Date: April 30th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-338-28139-2
Publisher: Acorn/Scholastic

In this debut to the Hello, Hedgehog series, the titular hedgehog and a friend have fun on their bikes together.

Divided up into three chapters, this graphic early reader starts with Hedgehog looking all over for his helmet only to realize he left it in the easiest-to-remember place possible. In the second chapter readers meet Hedgehog’s friend Harry, who looks like a guinea pig (but is never identified as such; nor is Harry gendered, unlike Hedgehog.). Harry is timid compared to bold Hedgehog, afraid of the bike’s speed, and embarrassed at their continued reliance on training wheels. The third chapter concludes with the healthy-snack–filled aftermath of their long bike ride. One drawback is that the chapters are somewhat haphazard in their length; the first is a scant eight pages, the second twice that, and the third is 12 pages, which makes the pacing a bit inconsistent. The effective graphic-novel style will appeal to early readers drawn to that format, and the carefully simple but energetic text will help those readers find success. The story is sweet, almost old-fashioned in its innocence, with basic messages about friendship and empathy. Cartoonist/author Feuti utilizes bright colors, highly emotive facial expressions, and color-coded speech bubbles to keep it kid-friendly and engaging. Also included are a guide to drawing Hedgehog at the back and a story prompt.

A fun addition to a young reader’s collection

. (Graphic early reader. 4-6)