WHERE'S GOMER? by Norma Farber
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Noah's Ark seems to be the in gathering place for authors and artists, from Sheila Burnford to Judy Brook, but this re-visitation has a lot going for it. Gomer, Noah's naughty, sailor-suited grandson, has disappeared just as the ark is ready to depart on schedule and, though various animals report seeing him where he shouldn't have been, Gomer still isn't on board when the first cloud ""bursts its buttons."" Suspense mounts as the playfully rhetorical verse is punctuated by cries of ""where's Gomer"" and along with a full complement of his familiar stylized seascapes, aristocratic tortoises, patriarchal bears and rosy-cheeked patriarchs, William Pene du Bois offers some imaginatively envisioned animal accommodations. Lately du Bois seems almost to be parodying himself, but he is matched here with a suitably sophisticated humorist. The result is melodrama with panache.

Pub Date: Aug. 22nd, 1974
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Dutton