MYSELF AND I by Norma Johnston


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More soap-operatics among the Albrights and Sterlings of West Farms (Bronx), New York. It's now 1917, and Sarah Anne Albright, almost 16, is disturbed by a school assignment that forces her to consider (anachronistically) ""Who Am I?,"" as well as by her new feelings for teasing, companionable Tim--so soon after troubled, impassioned Paul has left. . . with the movie-star ""sister"" he has just discovered is his mother. But Mary is now shipping Paul back, to stay with Saranne's (""dashing bachelor lawyer"") Uncle Ben and her Aunt Tish (""the famous writer""); and Paul is if anything more troubled than ever--determined, now, to discover the identity of his father. Will it be publisher Kenneth Latham, who takes a fatherly interest in Paul? Could it conceivably be Uncle Ben himself? (There's obviously something between him and Mary.) The answer is none of the above, but a further trial for embittered Paul: Ken Lathan's seedy, uncouth, vagrant brother. Needless to say, everyone comes around--Paul, to accepting responsibility for himself, Saranne to recognizing that he must (but that he, not Tim, is the one for her, regardless). A time-killer that's also a time-waster.

Pub Date: April 17th, 1981
Publisher: Atheneum