THE DOLL SNATCHERS by Norma Kassirer


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Well, gosh, the confessions of a professional doll snatcher. Old pied piper Putney Witherspoon. ""Who'd suspect a nice guy like me?"" It was April being a mystery reader the way she is, and her younger brother Clary waking up the night of a heist from the local doll museum. And them staying at the old Snark place, where the first doll disappeared twenty years back. What with April and Clary spying and little cousin Billy seeing he's no hero, the theft of the French Mechanical puts Putney in a bind. How can he redeem himself in the eyes of that ""great little guy""? How can April and Clary and the other kids help him reform? Galloping gee whillikers, a heart of gold, a head full of sawdust and a mouthful of corn.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1969
Publisher: Viking