NOW THAT I KNOW by Norma Klein


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Nina considers herself fairly lucky, as divorced kids go: she lives in Manhattan, spending half of each week with each parent. They are very different, but Nina gets along with both and enjoys the contrast. So her life is neat and organized--but then falls quickly apart when Dad tells her that his friend Greg is moving in, and that he and Greg are lovers. More upset by the fact that her special relationship with her father will be disrupted than by his homosexuality, Nina rejects him and moves in full-time with her mother. That proves to be another eye-opener, however; ultimately, Nina must allow for some changes within herself before she can come to terms with either parent. A number of serious issues, especially those concerning a homosexual parent, are raised and sensitively handled here. Unfortunately, though, Nina's difficulties with her father are not quite believable; even a very mature 13-year-old would be more surprised and confused by her father's professed life-style than Nina seems to be. Nevertheless, character development is strong, and teens will be intrigued by Nina's growth and self discoveries.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1988
Page count: 176pp
Publisher: Bantam