MADDY OF INTERLOCHEN by Norma Lee Browning


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Interlochen, in the Michigan northwoods, is the home of the National Music Camp, founded and presided over by Promethean genius, Joe Maddy. This adoring biography of the man will interest high school band students throughout the country. Most of them have heard of him, or rather Interlochen, even if you haven't, because Interlochen is now a kind of dream academy for youthful musicians. It began as a summer camp about 35 years age, dedicated solely to all-day rehearsals (and little camping), and has now bloomed into a year-round all-day rehearsal. The fortunes of the camp are described here, including Maddy's eccentric financing of the project (he could apparently rob a bank with a corkscrew), his four-year war with James C. Petrillo during WW II's musicians strike, and the camp's recent White House concert. During the jazz age, Maddy was the most famous saxophonist in Chicago, playing with Isham Jones, but his love of teaching drove him to build the children's summer camp. Many amusing vignettes, on the level of a SEP series, and a foreword by Van Cliburn.

Pub Date: May 13th, 1963
Publisher: Regnery