OMARR: Astrology and the Man by Norma Lee Browning

OMARR: Astrology and the Man

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Norma Lee Browning provides enough curious facts about astrology and pleasant moments with Sydney Omarr, journalist, numerologist, astrologer, scholar, and internationally known celebrity, to charm a skeptic. The author outlines some of Omarr's biography and, despite the book's substantial length, relays only a small portion of the information Omarr has discovered about the ever-controversial fields, astrology and numerology. She describes some of the incidents that have occurred in Omarr's personal and public life, and manages to condense his lengthy career into a few short, informative chapters. She also summarizes some astrological methods of forecasting that may help a serious follower to pick a mate, pet, fashion, food, or daily double winner. Including weightier facts about this ""Scientific Art,"" the author quotes Omarr's reference to Carl Jung's use of astrology and his theory of ""synchronicity."" Browning, an enthusiastic student of astrology, blends fact with speculation, contrasts Omarr's ideas with general opinion, and provides an interesting look at Sydney Omarr and the illusive ""Scientific Art"" that he has devoted his life to studying, promoting, and elevating to the significant level he believes it deserves.

Pub Date: Jan. 14th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday