THINKING GIRL by Norma Meacock


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Thinking Girl is as distasteful as any book yon don't want to read. She's Lindy with a long blue nose, red, piggy, and sometimes scabby eyes, small ""bubs"" and spots on her back. She's androgynous and her initial experiences are achieved with Girly. Girly throws her out. She attempts all kinds of sexual activities with various devices. She then spends three years with Klaus, has a child, and feels thoroughly caged. Throughout she tries to find some resolution for her existence as a woman via Simone Weil, Stekel, de Beauvoir or Wittgenstein and apparently reading them has improved her vocabulary if not her circumstances since at the end she is ""Dyadic, polvadic, never myself alone."" Sometimes she reflects on herself and her book more simply and accurately: ""I can define our present situation only by negatives.

Pub Date: Jan. 28th, 1971
Publisher: Dial