AFTER ALL by Norman Angell


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An analytical, interpretive autobiography by one of the Western hemisphere's most accomplished newsmen and internationalists. Educator, political thinker, writer, plain hard worker, Norman Angell's stated purpose in life has long been to help the world to peace- to save the world from loss of freedom. His life, marked excitingly by such episodes as the editorship of a Geneva bi-weekly at the age of sixteen, work as a cowboy in the Western United States, editor-ownership of a Paris newspaper, intimacy with the Wilson administration, the struggle to make himself understood as an advocate of collective defense of the victims of the power behind the economic fallacy that is tunsia, winning the Nobel Peace Prize,- is a window to the last fifty years of world history. As the author of The Great Illusion, his best known work, Angell has been criticized for planning cures for wars he deemed ""impossible""- on the grounds that they were as disastrous to victor as to vanquished because of the immense complexity of modern relations between nations. A true internationalist, he for example questions the change of British attitude of hats in 1914 towards a Germany far more civilized than the one England appeased up to 1939 and has in general done much to interpret countries to each other, especially Britain and the United States. Written at times with the swift face of an adventure story, at times with a scholar's studied consideration, this is a valuable place of reporting.

Pub Date: March 7th, 1952
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Young