HEAVEN HIGH, HELL DEEP by Norman Archibald
Kirkus Star


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The inside story of an ordinary flier, from the moment he decided to go into aviation in 1917, until he is shot down in Germany, eventually gets out, is in hospital at Allerey, runs away to Paris, is sent down to Tours Aviation Center, and returns to Paris with his adored sister. But its not the facts of the war experience, but the straightforward, unpretentious account of what actually happens the clock round, to an airman, with ordinary adventures and misadventures. No great hero, he, but an American boy, like many thousand others. And for that reason, his story stands out as an unforgettable record of the service. A book every man who served in aviation -- or wished he'd had a chance -- will want; and that most men who have been overseas will find authentic and typical of the best side of the war.

Publisher: A. C. Boni