THE GREAT DECEPTION: The Inside Story of How the Kremlin Took Over Cuba by

THE GREAT DECEPTION: The Inside Story of How the Kremlin Took Over Cuba

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All of the operative passages in this survey appear within quotemarks. The quotes come from former leaders of labor, education, communications, and other fields -- Eanuel Artime, Carlos Rodriguez Quesada, Jose Ignacio Rasco, Gerardo Abascal, Jose Berenguer are typical -- who are presently opposed to Castro and are refugees from his regime despite prior loyalty or positions they may have held in the 26th of July Movement. Their works vividly describe the process of destruction of Cuba's free institutions, give the background of the counter-revolutionary coalition, explain as much as anyone is apparently willing to confess knowing about the Bay of Pigs invasion, and project the probabilities for the use of Cuba as a base for the export of Communism to the rest of Latin America. Events such as the Cardenas episode and Castro's speech of December 2, 1961, are scrutinized in considerable detail, and many of the reports -- especially those relating the purges that took place as Castro consolidated his power -- coincide with versions that have emerged concerning comparable time periods in other subjugated countries. The concluding chapters are current as of December, 1962, giving numerous statistics on the weapons buildup that prompted the American blockade. ""One high official of the anti-Castro movement, who cannot be named,"" is quoted in a solemn question: ""Do we now accept the word of Khrushchev, Castro, Mikoyan and others as the word of honorable men?"" How well-founded this skepticism concerning the uninspected withdrawal of those weapons will prove to be, only time can tell.

Pub Date: Feb. 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Co.