WITH THESE HANDS by Norman Katkov


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A minor medical featuring some of those life and/or death options which are in the air, or the courts, concerning Alex Freeman, Senior Resident- Pediatrics at a university hospital. Is there any justification for a malpractice suit because a blue baby was catheterized too soon? Should Alex have pulled the plug of a respirator attached to an infant with a gross lung abnormality? And how about Alex' romance with Karen, seven months pregnant when he meets her -- the father of the child having pressed for an abortion to conceal just what? Of course it's Mediterranean anemia -- something to really worry about, as you know, having watched this sort of stuff live -- on television -- although Mr. Katkov must have been soft in the fontanelle when he wrote that clincher in which Karen goes into labor just when her picture's being taken after the wedding ceremony.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1974
Publisher: Simon & Schuster