THE SUNSHINE PATRIOT by Norman Partington


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Mr. Arnold,"" ventures Benedict's devoted aide-de-camp while the Ultimate Traitor is about to package West Point for the British, ""there isn't anything. . . anything you'd like to tell me about, is there?"" Meanwhile poor charming Major John Andre is gallows-bound, about to be collared with the evidence. Here British Andre has an affair with Elizabeth, the sister of Arnold's wife, Peggy Shippen, and Philadelphia salon set-to's alternate with heavy baffle action. Everyone's as you'd expect: Arnold, blasted and fraught; Andre, sensitive and gallant; Rebel women, like Elizabeth, intolerable ("". . . as a wife I shall not be yours until the last Redcoat has departed these shores""). Yankee dawdle.

Pub Date: July 30th, 1975
Publisher: St. Martin's