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Norman Thomas has been synonymous, in the public mind, with democratic socialism for most of the more than forty years in which he has been part of the Socialist Party. His purpose here is to look back over all the lessons, theories, and hopes of a long and very full lifetime and to tell us, in the light of our present-day problems, which socialist maxims can be reaffirmed and which need reassessment. To accomplish this, he has written a work which is at once a personal and a history of all the major developments in socialist thought and action during the past two centuries. He has given particular attention to the Cold War and the attendant ""garrison state"" which continues to be more and more of a hindrance to real disarmament; to poverty and over-population in the emerging nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America; to automation and its relationship to personal liberty, security, and equity; and to the current struggles for civil rights. Mr. Thomas's voice has long been heard in all these disputed areas, preaching reason, justice, mercy, and idealism; and if we can say that most of what he has to tell us in this volume is not new, we certainly cannot deny its continued relevance.

Pub Date: Nov. 18th, 1963
Publisher: Norton