THE CHOICES by Norman Thomas


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In the last years of his life, Thomas regularly addressed student audiences. Here, in his last political credo, Thomas reiterates his democratic socialism. But except on the issue of ""universal disarmament"" with UN control, almost any American will accept his views. The prescriptions stress flexible social planning and regulation of air and water pollution, natural resources and the birth rate. He advocates abolition of the electoral college, but pointedly scores the New Left for its ""apotheosis of violence."" The issues of racism, poverty, civil liberties and war also receive scrutiny. Throughout, Thomas indicates the choices he favors for deciding the world's future. The irony--which Thomas would have been the first to appreciate--is that his sensible but not at all ""new"" solutions will appeal most to moderates of the middle class.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1969
Publisher: McKay/Washburn