HE WAS A CHILD by Norman Vincent Peale


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The measure of the market for this second imaginary story of Jesus' childhood (the earlier one was The Coming of the King) rests upon Dr. Peale's devoted following and their unquestioning acceptance of his role as interpreter. The text in this book departs wholly from the Gospel story in depicting the imaginary life of a ten year old boy in Nazareth, a boy who- even to his boyhood comrades- was different. The differences were ones that were basic to the conception of a carpenter's son who grew up to fulfilment of the half-forgotten promises of his birth. Who understood loneliness and fear, jealousy and resentment, and found ways to win each boy in the group to his concept of an all-loving, ever-present God. Rafaello Busoni's illustrations are decorative rather than informative. Christmas gift value for some Protestant Sunday Schools. It is doubtful whether Episcopalians would accept this, and virtually certain that Catholics would not.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall