YEHUDI MENUHIN by Norman Wymer


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Norman Wymer has gathered a great deal of information about Menuhin, but nowhere does the reader feel that this is an intimate portrait. It is rather an objective accounting of the life of Menuhin enlivened by photographs and the inclusion of a few anecdotes of his most outstanding artistic experiences. His family, overprotective and domineering, kept their children secluded from the public eye even after Yehudi had won fame. Thus as a man, he never claimed the exalted position offered him, but whether entertaining wartime troops or munitions workers, he exhibited a natural humility which identified him with other men. There is some mention of his private life, but, for the most part, the stress in this biography is on career with only a vague feeling for the real struggles that beset the artist.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1961
Publisher: Roy- Living Biographies