SUPER-VOOMER! by Northern J. & Carol Hall Calloway


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With the help of writer Horn, Northern Calloway (who is Sesame Street's David) tells how, as kids in Harlem, he and friends Tommy and Sarajane built a Super-Vroomer out of a wooden ironing board, wheels, and junk, and entered it in a race they'd heard about. The Super-Vroomer doesn't pass the safety test for entry (no brakes), which gives its builders ""that feeling when you don't have tears in your eyes but you've got 'em somewhere in your chest. . . and a lot of mad is mixed up with a lot of sad""--but after the race the narrator (presumably young Calloway) challenges and beats the winner, a kid named Brad, on the same course. Brad keeps his medal, Calloway knows he's the best, and everyone's happy. It's the sort of undemanding, unobjectionable story you're likely to find in an early-grade reader, loosened up with some colloquial but very mild verbal exchanges and inappropriately set down on 8(apple) x 11fl"" pages that give McLean's utilitarian pastel illustrations more prominence than they can handle.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1978
Publisher: Doubleday